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How to Make Custom-Fit Bras
by Don McCunn

Request for Comments

I am in the process of finishing a new paperback book How to Make Custom-Fit Bras and Lingerie. This book is a culmination of my exploration of how to make patterns for bras through my online classes and e-Books "How to Make Custom-Fit Bras," "How to Make Bikinis and Bandeaux," and "How to Make Bust Sling Bras."

For me libraries are an important resource for materials. I use them all the time for my research and I have been very pleased with the reception that libraries have given my How to Make Sewing Patterns including a review of my newest edition which just came out last year.

The Library Association likes to have a pre publication copy and information about any new book 3 to 4 months before it gets published. So what I am hoping is that if any of you have used the instructions in my online classes or the e-Books, and would like to see this information available through libraries, you will share your experience.

If you have any experience using these instructions, please use the form below to share?

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